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Lyma Makeup Art is a North-American business that was founded and managed by Lymari Millot at Los Angeles, CA in 2009; which provides: professional Makeup Art services, international courses, seminars, Makeup Art products, images, and illustrations for sale, that promote and exhibit face and body Makeup as a form of Art. Now a days, it has began its expansion and is now established as an Art Gallery in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, exactly located in one of its most artistic and colored turistic spots: San Pedro Tlaquepaque.

Our Mission: Promote Make-up as an Art Form and Certify dedicated Artists that want to learn and achieve their goals as Living Character Designers, developing Professional Techniques and exhibiting their Art Work in an ethic, and responsible manner.

We display Makeup Art, Dictate Seminars and Certified Courses, as well as sale Mexican hand-crafted items designed by Lymari Millot, “The Artist” that you can ware, take as a souvenir, or display in your own very home, office, or creative space. Come visit us and let yourself get to know this wonderful Art form trough Lyma’s eyes…….